Tailored Proven Processes Set Our Corporate Advisory Apart

Based in Australia with international links BEAM Corp is the boutique experienced and dedicated corporate advisory you need

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Working with Business

Our corporate advisory services are always tailored to the specific needs of your business, both for its current situation and its future potential.

Working with Families

BEAM Corp works with families to identify and manage family issues in a way that satisfies the needs of each family member.

Experienced and Dedicated

BEAM Corp is your expert in corporate advisory. Our boutique firm offers twenty years of experience in corporate advisory, including business strategy and planning, business optimisation, capital raising and generation transition.

“Your skill and professionalism to guide on this journey and become friends along the way is a true testament to your expertise. We are confident that we have developed an Investor Briefing, Board Charter and Family Charter which is world-best-practice and positions the Family.”

Peter Burgees Chairman of Directors  – Forgacs Group

“I was impressed with your complete understanding of the process, attention to detail and sensitivity to my people. Your experience, guidance and advice from the strategic plan, information memorandum, to the testing and roadshow gave us confidence that we found the correct people to assist us.”

Tom Meyers Founder and Chairman – CQMS

“BEAM Corp represented Protecsure during our sale process and delighted us with their professional service throughout. BEAM also used wisdom and experience to patiently manage the varying positions of the selling shareholders and ensure an appropriate outcome for all.”

Mark Osborn Chairman – Protecsure

“The relationship started with a handshake followed by Eric’s word. There was never any deviation from the agreed outcome and he always worked in my best interests. The team at BEAM Corp were absolutely essential throughout the process and added value at every juncture along the journey.”

Tony Vatner Founder and MD – BAC Insurance Brokers

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