“BEAM have a meticulous process that gets results that are valued by both sides of a transaction. This is evidenced by the fact that many divestors then become investors in BEAM transactions and vice versa which is testament to Eric and Carol’s high integrity and delivery of successful and fair outcomes It is not only the friendship and the final transaction success that I have enjoyed, it is also the broader business advise and connections with other relevant professionals that have really added value to our businesses. One thing is for sure, it is unlikely you would work with BEAM only once - like many others you will welcome the opportunity to work with them again on either side of a transaction.”

Duncan Stone

Managing Director FluidIntel

"We approached BEAM Corp to discuss the opportunity of launching a reverse mortgage product in Australia. The Beam Corp team commissioned a business plan and all the documents required to present the proposal to potential investors. BEAM also advised on the structure of the investment so that all parties felt they had a fair deal. This knowledge, skill and expertise can not be sufficiently valued."

Brian Gillman

Managing Director Vision Equity Living Pty Ltd

Capital raisings


BEAM’s capital raising process systematically manages the capital raising process focussing on deliverables to maximise the outcome.

The 9 stage Capital raising process

We harness our experience and relationships with brokers, private equity houses, professional investors and banks to help identify opportunities, grow your company’s profile and source capital. BEAM focuses on facilitating outcomes and structures to the mutual benefit of all the shareholders.


Capital raising channels

  1. Equity capital markets (ECM) – Listing
  2. Private equity and private capital
  3. Debt


a. Equity Capital Markets


ECM is a capital raising by listing (IPO) your company on the stock exchange.


BEAM has the experience, expertise and the networks critical to successfully prepare your company for a listing. The process will include a quantitative and qualitative review of your organisation to ensure that you and your management team are confident to proceed with the listing process. It will provide you with a full review of your business including an objective assessment of its potential growth opportunities.


We project manage the process minimizing defocus during this demanding transition process.


b. Private equity and private capital


BEAM’s extensive fund raising experience encompasses the sourcing of capital from institutions, companies, private equity and private capital providers. This approach is best suited to expansion companies who are seeking an investor to support the development of their business.


c. Debt


Debt fund raising by its nature is complex BEAM will guide you through the respective options and assist you in structuring the optimal debt instrument (including hybrid options) to suit your needs.